Horrible feelings in feet

Afternoon all hope you are ok. Just wondered if anyone suffered with the sensations in your feet, I find I get pins and needles in toes, the sole of my foot hurts, shooting pains down one side of foot. I had to have the kids rub my feet, and it felt so nice. Now buying a foot spa to see if it helps. Also feel like a burden at the mo, I lose the use of my legs every other week ish, does not matter if I rest or do stuff it still happens, at this point I can’t lift legs, they feel like they are really tight up top, and a couple of days before the give up, they feel crampy can’t get comfy. Sitting on sofa at mo with legs up and in one foot it feels as if I’ve Been sat on it and killed it. Sorry for the moan xx

I get similar problems with my feet. I, too, am laid on the sofa at the moment, and it feels as if someone is sticking pins into the sole of my foot, and my toes feel numb and tingly. My legs also give me trouble, especially my right one. It goes very tingly and numb and feels very heavy and unresponsive. A lot if the time, I feel I am dragging it around! I also get shooting pains in my feet. Are you dx or in Limboland, like me??

Hi, I’m what you call on the doctors don’t have a clue pile so we keep doing tests. Hate it, also suffer with bad memory, shakes and I struggle to pass urine sometimes and other stuff but mind gone lol. How are you what do u find that helps you xx

Might be worth while seeing your gp and seeing if there’s medication that might help that. I’m on amitriptyline due to my restless knees at night, the twinging and also the shooting pains in legs/feet. Helps with the heavy feeling the next day too. Hope you get some answers soon

Tsuki xx

Sorry to hear about your difficulties with your legs and feet.

I don’t have a diagnosis yet, but when my problems originally started, it was with my feet. I would get burning sensations, tingling, shooting pains and numbness. Sometimes it would feel as though I’d been stung by stinger nettles. It was particularly bad in the morning, when I would get up with very stiff and numb toes, so that I walked a bit like Frankenstein for the first ten minutes.

The reason I wanted to reply to this post is your mention of a foot spa. I don’t know whether you use these with hot or cold water, but beware of having the water too hot. I used to be a strong proponent of hot baths. What I didn’t realise is that this was part of the problem. When I stopped taking them, my feet improved immensely. I’m not saying this stopped the problems completely, but it was one of the exaggerating factors and for a good 12 months or so (apart from tingling and numbness when I warmed up too much) my feet were only experiencing about 10% of the initial problems. I’m now getting different problems in my right foot, but I only ever take showers now.


Hi Henri, I’m also firmly in limboland. The edge of my right big toe has had reduced sensation for a long time now. I get really sharp, shooting pains in my toes and soles. I had pins and needles in just one heel recently, which was really odd! Also, I’ll echo what Astro says about being wary of hot water. A hot bath the other day really did me in! My main symptoms flared up suddenly. Also, my left foot wasn’t registering the heat as much as my right. I do hope you get some relief soon :slight_smile: