Hoists Hire

Hi everyone im new to the site but you all sound a very friendly group so looking forward to getting to know you all. I wonder if anyone has hired a light weight hoist n if so where from, i need to hire one for my holiday later on in the year, take care x

Hi Stuart and welcome to the gang…

I’m not sure about where to hire hoists… but one of our users, Poll, might know. I’m sure she’ll respond when she’s next on.

Have you tried simply googling ‘renting hoist?’. Might give you some links.

We are a nice supportive little group on the ppms board and always nice to have a new member.

See you again soon,

Pat x

Being nosey, I had a google myself… one link below but there were lots more:

Pat x

Hi and welcome to the site.

Snow Leopard was right when she mentioned I am a hoister!

Now then, there are a few ways you can go about this.

Are you going to a hotel in UK or abroad?

There are a few hotles here which have hoists.

There are fixed ceiling hoists and then there are mobile ones.

I have a ceiling one at home. Before it was installed, we had a floor mobile hoist…gosh was it hard to use…heavy, awkward and didnt like carpets!

Now from what I`ve read on various sites, there are some lighter weight mobile ones to hire.

As Pat suggested, try googling the subject and see what you can find out.

In May, me and 2 carers are going to Blackpool for 3 nights. The hotel has all the equipment I have a home (bed, hoist, shower chair, wheel in shower, accessible coach for trips out). It`s my first holiday of this type.

Hope you get sorted.

I`d like to hear how you get on.

luv Pollx

Thank you for the advice, i have hired a hoist n they are deliving it to the hotel so cant wait.We are going to Prince of Wales at Southport for Easter. Hope everyone is well n keeping warm. We have been lucky here in Guisborough Cleveland with the snow, we just have a dusting x

Glad you got one Angela. Have a fab time in Southport!

Not snowing in London now but blimey it’s cold!!! Not that I’ve ventured outside… LOL… but can see people in street well wrapped up and hunched over with cold!

Pat x