Hi—New to Forum

Welcome lovely, shitty illness, brilliant gang. 1st step made. See you soon xx

Well said TDC. Welcome to the forum Jimxb. Settle in, get comfy and put your feet up.


Hi Jimxb and welcome. I only joined last month and find everyone friendly and helpful… ask anything you like and someone will help. Karen

Hi Jimxb,

The ratio of women to men diagnosed with MS is about three to one, so we’re officially outnumbered, and looking around the forum today it might seem that way here, but usually there are plenty of guys around.



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Hi Jim,

Whatever you’re going through there is someone here going through, the same thing. Don’t hold back from asking a question just because you think it’s already been asked. If it’s new to you, it’s important and we understand that.

Best wishes,


Thanks everyone! It means a lot knowing theres someone at the end of a keypad! I was diagnosed about 10 years ago with RR. I thought it was a breeze until about 2 weeks ago and without warning i go on a meltdown depression! I’m spiralling downwords and struggling to cope. Got a great wife and family, fully mobile! Wtf do i have to get depressed about!!!

Thanks, its 9 ish years i’ve been diagnosed with Rr and only now feeling lost!

Hi Jimxb,

Sorry you’ve had to join us, but as you have then you’ve come to the right forum. We’re a motley bunch but with a wealth of knowledge and advice.

The top tip I give to newbies is to keep a record or a notebook of all your appointments, what was discussed, outcomes, symptoms and how long they last, medication etc. May help when applying for PIP.

Also sign in to the awaiting diagnosis and newly diagnosed forum good advice too.

Stay well,


Hi Jim,

There doesn’t need to be a reason for depression to strike, I know, I’ve been there.

You might see your GP about antidepressants while you sort things out.


Thanks for listening Anthony, i went to the dox today, had bloods and he wants me back tomorrow. I am 49 and always been stable, upbeat and there for everyone, now i’m so low i cant pass a bridge without thinking of jumping, sorry if that’s not what I should chat about but i’m so scared that one day i cant drive past that bridge. This came on so rapid that i can only see that it will only get worse. I’m on no meds at the moment.

Hi Jim

It really doesn’t matter if you were diagnosed 2 weeks, 6 months, 10 or 20 years ago. Sometimes we just hit a wall of depression like we’ve driven into it at 90 mph. It’s good that you’ve seen your doctor, if s/he prescribes antidepressants, bear in mind that they can take a few weeks to really kick in.

And you should feel absolutely free to post on here with whatever you’re feeling. Believe me, many of us will understand, because we’ve been there. I’m not suggesting that we will find a magic answer for you, there isn’t one. But there is understanding and fellow feeling.

Best wishes.



Thanks Sue, just talking is helping, i know theres no magic cure, if there was then there would be no need for a forum. Its just hit me so hard and given that 9 years ago i brushed it off as an inconvenience. I still do crossfit, keep really active and then the wall! I served in the Army for many years, mainly in Northern Ireland, then the most scared i have ever felt started from yesterday and growing harder by the hour. Thanks again for the ear and the voice, it really is much appreciated

Thanks Karen, seems like a great move joining, i find the chatting keeping me at bay right now, keeping my head clear (kinda) i hope i can return the favour to others soon

Hi Jim,

I want to second what Sue says, there are no subjects off-limits here.

You were part of a ‘family’ while you were in the Army. I like to think of the people here as my family now. You’re welcome to join us.


Hi Jim

You have had some sound advice above.

The people on here are absolutely God sends I tell you.

I was diagnosed about the same time as you. I have PPMS. over the years people on here have offered me friendship, laughter, advice, somewhere to vent… you have come to the right place.

I haven’t been on here for a while for various reasons but I read nearly every day.

I am depressed at the moment. Over Christmas I was in a black place. Now it is dark grey so some improvement. I will be on anto depressants for life. I cannot manage without them.

Please don’t drive into the bridge. You have too many people who love you. Try to keep that in mind when you have these thoughts.

You will see the light at the end of the tunnel. It may only be a speck in the distance now…just keep plodding towards it. One heavy foot at a time.

See your doctor asap. Be honest. No manly hiding away your emotions. He/she cant help til they know the depths of yr problems.

Stay on here. Keep talking to us. You have found friends and people "who get it ".

Anne. X


Should have said. Dont jump off that bridge. Nor drive into it. Xx


Thanks everyone, i’m not seeing the light yet but praying it will show itself soon. Just broke down at the docs, given me meds to start but i know they wont kick in for a while

its good to get things off my mind but the pain is so strong right now its hard


Hi Jim, I’m fairly new to the forum and think its a great way to let off steam. Have the meds started to kick in? I hope your dark grey mood are turning to a light grey mood and beyond. How you feel is a not a competition and it’s ok to say you feel rubbish today. Pacing yourself and also relaxing can be difficult but listen to those around you when you can. Do you think you might want to help others by volunteering? You’re an army man - is there something you could give to others?. Hope the New Year treats you better. Pauline C

I start the meds tonight so fingers crossed they wont take long. I never thought a forum would help but i hit such a low i had to do something and fast, it was such a rapid cliff edge fall from being on top of the world to rock bottom i just cant cope with it. 1 day at a time i think. Ive spoken to quite a few members now and feel ive found a heap of new friends like minded. Truly blessed