Hi I’m new on here

Hi I’m Jem with RRMS. I’m
Age 35. Diagnosed of RRMS since Aug 2012.
I started on Avenox in 2012.
Then on Aubagio 2017.
Then Tysabri in 2018-2021
Sadly it didn’t work on me I had a high blood pressure so I had to have a lumbar puncture and chest X-ray and few blood tests too. Had to have measles tab too. So hopefully I’ll start my new treatment in September time which is Ocrevus. So hopefully that treatment will work for me :crossed_fingers::relaxed:

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Hi and welcome to a group you’d never be looking for. My name is Charle. I’m 58 and diagnosed in 1996 2ndry progressive. Baclofen was my starter and now on tizanidine since about 5 yrs. good luck with your prescription.

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Thank u :blush:

Hopefully ill be starting O treatment in September time :blush:

Hi Jem welcome to the group we never expected to part of.