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Hi everyone I’m wondering if any of you can help me about 2 yrs ago I had what they thought was meningitius I had all th symptoms expect the rash but also complete num ness in my left arm and leg/ foot right side worked fine I had mri and cat scans they showed wire spots on my brain more commonly found in patients of 80 not 39 They discharged me after ten days with no real diagnoise just said it may return it may not Since then I’ve had intermitted pain and num ness still allin my left side dizzyness clumslyness feeling tired I’m now being seen by a different. Gp due to moving I’m now suffering worse than ever I have limited movement in my left arm and leg she doesn’t know what’s wrong with my and has sent a urgent federal to a nuro doc at the hosp put me on tramadol and gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day I find my symptoms worse at night and when I get hot feel a bit dizzy I would really appricate any idea of what I can do I feel quite low at the moment

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

The episode two years ago could have been due to several different things and isn’t necessarily related to what’s going on now, but hopefully the neuro you see will be able to work it out. Unfortunately, neurology is very complicated because all sorts of conditions have very similar symptoms so it can take a while - best to be prepared :frowning:

If it’s MS or like MS, then the best thing I can advise is to rest as much as possible and try and get your pain meds right. Getting free of pain (or getting it to a bearable level) can make the world of difference. The maximum dose of gabapentin is 3600mg a day, so you have plenty of wriggle room dose-wise if 900mg doesn’t do the trick for you. Keep speaking to your GP and build the dose very slowly, if you need to. (Gabapentin, like most meds, comes with various possible side effects - it’s best to increase dosage very slowly to minimise these.)

I hope the appointment comes through soon. Hang in there!

Karen x

Hi, whilst I dont think I can shed any light on what night be causing your problems, I just wanted to say that your GP has done the right thing in giving you an urgent referral.

Please let us know how the next appointment goes.

I find it helps to write a list of symptoms and questions for the neuro.

Also, if possible, take someone with you to the appointment, as it is easy to forget some of the things the neuro says.

Keep coming on here for support, as we all know what it is like being in limbo.

luv Pollx

Thanks for answering me yes I’ll write down my questions and take my partner along for support Do you find you lose your appetite I’ve barley eaten in 10 days? I feel useless I can hardley move around without my stick how long does the tablets take to help I’ve been on them 3 days before it was just tramadol but in 3 days since she last saw me and did tests on my reflexs and said there was marked differences between my left (bad side) and my normal right side is moving around as much as can help full or should I just rest? Many thanks caz x


The pills can take a week or two to start taking effect. Stick with it!