Hey everybody! :)

Hi, I’m Keith and have just signed up here (at long last) after being diagnosed with RRMS in Feb this year. I hope to be here as often as I can to say hi! Also due to having my first relapse over 2 years ago, I can hopefully help others with advice or help where I can! I have been using Copaxone daily now for over 2 months if anyone has any questions about it? Not aware how popular it is!!? Bye for now :slight_smile: K

Hi Keith and welcome aboard! We are a supportive bunch of folk with experience of the wondrous ways MS affects us…some other conditions too. Sorry, not been on that drug meself! Lots of others tho`! luv Pollx

Hi Keith, and welcome to the site :slight_smile: It’s still a wee bit quiet on here with all the changes going on, but I’m sure we’ll be back to our old volume of users soon. Lots of people to get to know… Karen x

Evening ! And hello! I’ve not been on here for long… Enjoying the new website change as a good reason to start posting. Lots of support, lots of people with amazing knowledge and insight… Unlike me, who asks daft questions on a regular basis! Jo x :smiley: :lol:

Hi Keith welcome to the forum, its a good place and you can get bucket loads of support and also lots of laughs as well, Enjoy the space mate Willie

Hi Keith and welcome. :slight_smile:

hi keith welcome aboard :slight_smile: im also a newbie to all this got diagnosed in march this year your in the right place for good advice and support take care tina :sunglasses:

Hi Keith I’m also a new recruit, hope you’re well. I’m not diagnosed yet, due for a Lumbar Puncture soon - wooohoooo! What a treat, X Claire

hi keith just to say welcome i have ms for 12 years and just getting my head round this comp hope you are well and hope to hear more from you xx

Just a quick hello and welcome keith Tracy x

Hi Keith & welcome. I was an active user of the site for some time, then due to holidays & daughter home form Uni didn’t come on for about 3 months, now the site has changed & still trying to get used to it. You will get lots of help, advise & support from everyone. I have been using copaxone now for nearly 6 months (had to change form betaferon) it is only just settling down for me I had terrible site reaction with it. Take care Linda xx

Hi everyone, im new to this site too. Have had ms for over two heard now, first symtom was double vision, am not on any medication het as had no other attack. I hve still not come to terms with ms. Still quiet scared of what will come next.

Thanks for all the hello’s!! Hey Janan (above), don’t worry - just take each day at a time!! This site seems really good, will be here quite often I think! :slight_smile:

Thanks for that keith, foundation this site good and not alone.

Hi Keith a big from me too! :slight_smile: Can’t help with any info re meds cos I’m waiting for an appt in November to sort one out, oh what joy! :lol: xx

Oops sorry folks I didn’t realise my welcome image was going to animate so if the mods want to remove it or can make it static please do so. xx