Here I am!

From the recent Hair Styling thread…

If we’re daring enough to post a photo of the “real” me. I’ll probably remove it at a later date, but for now this is my mugshot.

Anybody else?

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i dunno how to put pics on…you`re looking good girl!


i’ll try later once i’ve got last night’s mascara from under my eyes!

not sure how to do it (the photo that is, not the mascara)

carole x

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i dunno how to put pics on…you`re looking good girl!


[/quote] On a good day Polls, on a good day x

It’s easy enough if I can manage it!

this is the least ugly picture of me… hence the use of the good looking ram

I guess that either the system or mods didn’t like the picture ???

I will try once more…

If it disappears again I will take the hint.

Many years ago there was a campaign to protect MS Nurses and quite a few of us had photos displayed on their site, although it closed down once the protecting bit had been achieved. Still, it was nice to put a face to a username while it lasted.


Thought that was your photo Poll


I don’t know which of your photos is nicer Mick. Think I like the ram best. He’s a horny looking beast


Only my mother could like the MRI shot Sue, as for the horny ram, he like me is “all show and no go” :)))

Mick (I will see if I can get a cute shot here)

Mogace - style guru and predator… NOT… (1969 or 1970)

Aw, I think I like you as a boy best.

Sue x

Haha. My, what lovely eyes you have!

Why thank you Poppy, definitely my best feature on the prettiest picture of me :slight_smile:


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I’m here too now

Hiya! waves

You haven’t quite got the hang of the self portrait, have you Mick?

Try looking through the other end of the camera.


Please can you tell me how to put a pic on.



i am no expert and there are different ways depending on the system you are using, PC / iPad / phone etc . I used a Windows PC . I copied the photo to the “clipboard” using the CNTRL and C keys together. Then in the forum message window I “pasted” the photo FROM the clipboard using the CNTRL and V keys together.

you may find better ways for you or your system by searching Google.

good luck Mick

Go to your profile section, read where to add your photo. Maybe right click on it?

You’re given an option to add a photo from file. Your file on your computer. I chose mine from my photos, but you can use something from the internet if you want.

Just play around with it. You can’t break anything. :slight_smile:

Thanks x