Here goes.................

Well, after much confusion my LDN finally arrived yesterday!

I’ve decided to take it in the morning so had my first ‘dose’ at 06.30 (I must say I’ve tasted better LOL)!

Watch this space…



Well done Oonagh! I went down to 0.5 ml and feeling much better… So if you do feel rough just lower the dose. Yes it does taste nice! Btw I couldn’t cope with that plastic top thingy, so I put the syringe straight in the bottle and just make sure there are no bubbles. Good luck hon. Pat x

Hi Pat,

So glad you’re feeling better . I didn’t bother with the ‘plastic top thingy’ either …just looked like it was too faffy. I just have to make sure I have a steady hand so I don’t knock the bottle over LOL! .

Maybe 0.5 for a couple of weeks and then maybe think about going up another 0.5 Pat? Maybe starting on 1ml was just too much for your little bod. I’m starting on 1ml but definitely won’t up it until I’ve done this for 2 weeks.

Thanks again for your advice Pat.



Good luck with it Oonagh - hope it helps. Definitely worth taking really slowly! Teresa xx

Thank you Teresa. I know you were so disappointed that it didn’t work for you and I will heed your warning about taking it slowly. I’ve just taken my second dose.

Thank you for the luck Teresa…really appreciate it.



Hi Oonah, Really hope you do as well as I have with the LDN. Just a warning…don’t throw away that little plastic thingy that comes with your first delivery…each time I get a new delivery the bottle seems to be a different shape and there have been a couple that have been impossible to get to the bottom of without said little plastic thingy!! Really agree with Teresa …slowly slowly…keep us posted. Very best wishes, Nina X

Hi Nina,

Thanks for the wishes, will definitely keep the ‘plastic thingy’ . So far I feel okay but obviously its very early days.

I’ll see what I’m like taking it in the morning (just didn’t fancy vivid dreams) and hopefully I’ll be okay at work. If not I might then try taking it at night.

Thank you again for your wishes Nina.



Had problems with dreams but the worst thing for me was major major sleep problems when I first started…changed to AM and hey presto was fine. Had absolutely no other side effects…just great bladder and bowel improvements. Hope it’s the same for you, Nina x

Good luck Oonagh :slight_smile:

I either fiddle with the syringe or use a 1/2 teaspoon measure as I take 2.5ml - depends on level of wobbliness that day :wink:

Sonia x

Thank u Sonia Was going to find something the bottle could sit in to avoid spillage. I have nightmares so didn’t think it was a good idea to add to them lol.

Thank u again Sonia