Help with MRI report or point me in the right direction

Hi all,

so I still have yet to see a neuro first appointment is in November. In the meantime the GP sent me for an MRI head only. The reports back in and she and the radiologist do not seem concerned. His conclusion on the report is “the occasional small white matter hyperintensity was identified. These are regarded as interminate, likely to be normal/benign.” So I don’t understand I thought white matter was what they looked for in MS or do I have that wrong? Can someone point me in the right direction?

many thanks guys xxx

Morning. White matter can be caused by many many things!!! Just a couple for example, normal ageing, migraines, vascular lesions, tumours, strokes… MS is not the only diagnosis candidate when it comes to white matter. In fact, it can be quite normal to have high signal come back in certain areas of the brain. Experts can differentiate between a hyper intensity caused by MS or something more benign. It has to do with shape, location, size etc etc. They know what they are talking about so It’s most certainly a result to feel positive about.

Hiya Aaliyah,

If you have lesions on your spine the MRI of your brain is not going to image them.

I do strongly suggest you read Rizzo’s sticky above;

As far as your first appointment with a Neurologist is concerned this may help Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis

Sorry for giving you loads to read but this is a map of the spine and you will see where there is a lesion it will probably cause problems in the area indicated So if you have problems walking; your lesions probably on your spine.

Your GP sounds brilliant, but with the best will in the world, it is the Neurologist who is the expert.

Finally, I suggest you purchase a copy of your MRI, cost about £10; always handy for comparison purposes with any future ones.

Good luck


Thank you all for your response. I feel like I’m going mad…I have symptoms mainly in my legs and I am struggling. I got this report today and it just made me feel like I’m imagining everything but I know I’m not as I’m physically feeling it. I have my appointment with the neuro in November so I will read all the info above. Thanks everybody xxx