Help with butrans patch.

I have recently been put on butrans patches starting on 5mg then up to 10mg at the moment. While I’m still waiting for them to have a noticeable effect on my pain this isn’t my question. If anyone else is on them then you know they aren’t the most sexist thing to wear, in the leaflet provided it states I can only wear them on arms, chest and back. I can’t put them on my upper back as they drive me mad with itch and not being able to get at it for a good scratch would drive me mad. Am I able to put them on my hip or somewhere else not visable as I have a work do on Saturday night and would like to avoid awkward questions to what it’s for and why I wear it. Another thing - is there anyway to stop it looking really dirty a d gross? After I shower the patch turns an awful dirty colour and makes it stand out alot. Steph

I used to use these and had the same problem plus had loads of itchy red square patches all over my arms and chest! I did stick them on my thighs ev now and again. Don’t think your supposed to tho. Ring your doctor and And ask their opinion. Good luck Jojoxxxx

I also Sutch em on the sides of my chest so you couldn’t see them but I could still reach round for an itch lol. As for how grubby they get got no tips for that m afraid.