I am still trying to get ‘into’ this new system/site.

I can read the posts BUT seam unable to post a reply to comments made etc.

Where is the instructions how it works??? Where is the HELP to new (and old) users???

How do I make the text bigger so that I can read it without having to get a magnifing glass out???

I must be thick - I managed to suss the old site without ant problems but I’ve been trying for weeks now and am just about at the stage where I just give up and loose all the enjoyment I found on the old site.

Hi Ann,

It’s quite difficult to work out what the problem may be, without a bit more description of what actually happens when you try.

I’m guessing you can’t actually reply to this, so if you do, it will have to be in a new thread…

But I’m assuming you can actually see the “Post a Reply” button (top left).

When you press it, what happens?

Don’t you get an edit box, to type your response, and a “Post” button, at the bottom, to press when you’re finished?

Or is it when you hit “Post” that it’s failing? Are you getting an error message? Or are you being asked to type a “Captcha” (intentionally difficult-to-read word, to prove that you’re real person, not an automated spam engine)?



I’m confused. I see in another thread (the BBC Breakfast News one) that you have managed to reply to something - but only to say that you’re unable to reply. I don’t geddit - you are replying - this is how it works!

Do you mean you can’t reply to individual posts, only add to the end of the thread?

If so, that’s an unfortunate limitation of this new board, and not anything you’re doing wrong.

I liked it better, too, when it was possible to respond to individual posts, and not just to the whole thing. But that’s not the way it works any more.


I’ve read about this a lot on here, about “replying to a reply” I have no idea how that works or what it could mean. I use loads of online forums and they all use this format.

Dunno the best way to describe it, if you’ve never seen it before.

It means that instead of each discussion just being a long list, and you can only add to the bottom of it, you can reply individually to anything that someone else has already said - i.e. “reply to a reply”.

Thus you can end up with sub-conversations inside the main one.

Some people say this is harder to follow, but the plus (in my opinion) is it’s much more like real life, where group conversations can split off in several different directions at once. If you’re in a real chat, in the pub, you’re not limited to only answering whatever the last person said.

Somebody might start off on a topic, someone else joins in with something slightly off-topic, but still interesting, and before you know it, you have four or five mini-conversations going, all spawned from the same original topic. This sort of forum doesn’t cater for that sort of spontaneously evolving conversation.


I also use other online forums, but this one is the most un - user, friendly of the lot, and no other with this format.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor, today is such a day.

There are two broad types of forum.

One looks like a tree with branches and the other is a long list of messages.

I find branched forums difficult to follow because I have problems remembering what the original post was about, and then sometimes it bears absolutely no relation to a whole load of responses. People respond to a message on one branch on a completely different branch. It’s very annoying! At least when you have one long list of posts you can follow what’s going on!