Help I need to be told I am a fool

I am getting more narked by seeing people walking about so easily while I am stumbling about on my stick, I know this is me at fault but, I don’t want to find myself getting grumpy.

Sorry you are feeling down.

I know of two people who are totally bedridden (one MS, one not).

I think they would like to be able to stumble with a stick! That is not meant to sound harsh, but it is the way I look at things now - always someone worse than me.

Any walking is better than none so keep going.

Have you tried a rollator? - my new best friend. I have a 4 wheeled one with a seat so that I can always stop and rest. My walking is more stable and it helps me to keep a better walking action.

It also folds to sit across the back seat of a car.

They are available through an OT or there is another thread about an offer Halfords are doing at the moment.

Hiya , I wont call ya a fool … sure we all been in same mind space at one time or another… I just started swimming… sumink I wouldnt have even thought about a few years back … other day was doing me drowning/ lopsided gold fish impressions… feeling well cheesed off cos years back… I was a very strong swimmer… Then i saw someone sitting at far end of pool… next to himn two artificial legs, once he had dried himself and get upright (no help at all) I then saw he only had one arm too!! Goodness… talk bout a reality check!!.. so now I happy swimming like a gold fish… least I able to …

Best wishes sarah XXX :smiley:

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