Help for leg pain

I’m not diagnosed but my gp thinks I will be this time after years of running to different neuros. Wait time here for a private Neuro is 10months but I am crawling the walls with my leg pain. Pinks and needles, creepy sensations, spasms. It’s 24 hours a day! I’m on praximapole but I’ve only started it 2 weeks ago so on a very low dose. Can anyone recommend anything? Cold baths, hot baths, massaging, walking, marching on the spot….nothing helps and I’m ready for the funny farm. Thanks in advance x

Hi I use magnesium tablets and magnesium spray for spasms but for nerve pain I use cannabis which is amazing for nerve pain perhaps CBD Oil would help

I’ve been taking Gabapentin for 3 years. It really helps with the symptoms you’ve described. I got through my NHS MS Physio & Nurse who told my GP to prescribe it.

Try elevating your feet above your head when you sleep, as high as you can get them. Hot/cold ointments. A fan blowing directly on your feet. Just keeping your legs/feet as cool as possible at all times.