Help for depression rant


I am about to have a bit of a rant so look away now if you’re not in the mood!

I am currently suffering from quite low mood. It has been building up for a while and I have been very aware since I was diagnosed that I wanted to get some counselling/therapy to help me manage my condition (I read in professor Jelinek’s ‘Overcoming MS’ book that this is really important).

I am currently looking for a job and am realising that I have lost confidence in myself and that I really need to talk to someone about this. I am discovering that unless you’ve got pots of money just to go and pay for this it’s impossible to get anything. My MS nurses are impossible to get hold of, I have spoken to the MS helpline and they referred me to my local branch where there is one councellor but it turns out she couldn’t see me. My MS branch just keeps refering me to the MS essentials sheet which is helpful but also a bit limited!

Sometimes it feels like there’s all this information on things and helplines but that what you actually need isn’t actually obtainable unless you’ve got money!

Anyway, I’m going to go to my GP and see if they can help.

Rant over!

The counselling organization I had some involvement with had a policy of accepting people for counselling regardless of their financial circumstances. Everyone was expected to pay something, but it did not need to be the full commercial whack if that was not possible. If you have nto already done so, it might be worth checking out BACP-accredited counselling providers near to you to see whether they do something similar.

Good luck.



I love a rant AND you need to rant, my mood has also been low, you don’t need to explain why here. See your GP and try to get a sympathetic one. Let them see the person rather than the diagnosis, of course you are depressed who wouldn’t be? They don’t say you have to learn to deal with it because that is TOO shocking. I was told ‘learn to grin and bare it’ it takes time try and occupy yourself, DON’T think about MS sit out in the sun before it disappears. It’s not money you need it’s a sympathetic friend, we are here.

Take care, M

I know exactly how you are feeling anon, when I was at my lowest ebb, so my neurologist sent me to see a psychologist at neuro rehab, she was fantastic, she made me look at how I cannot change the past only change my future one day at a time, she helped me to stop being angry and bitter all the time. I cannot change that I’m dx with ms, but as I’ve had my head sorted out its easier for me to cope with my dx.

Thank you :slight_smile: Going to get out in the sunshine xx

Cariad65…that sounds like what I need! Were they a Neuropsychologist?

Hi. Are you Taking any med’s for depression ? I started clitrapam (think that’s how to spell them) last Dec, it made a difference but lately I feel I need to up the dosage as the pass few weeks ave been really down in the dumps. Hope all goes well for you. Stephen.

yes I think thats where she was based,

but if anyone can turn my head around they can do it to anybody, I had a very complex story to sort out good luck with being sent to the correct person.

Al x

Hello, I was feeling down when I last say my MS Nurse and he suggested I try the Expert Patient programme. Several people on this forum had heard of it and done a course. It is not just for MS people, it is for anyone with a longterm, chronic health problem that is not going to go away! And then to help people come to terms with it, adapt etc etc. Unfortunatrely, I tried to get my name on a list (difficult as I couldn’t find the right phone number to call) and the courses they ran were being cut back (costs) or run during the day which I can’t do, as I am trying to continue working.

However, things might be better in your area. Google it and see what you can find out and perhaps have a word with your GP or MS Nurse.

(And my Mum - London/Essex - has has depression for years (not MS) - she got a lot of counselling sessions free on NHS and only more recently has had to pay for them. )

good luck, Gill

Some of the MS Therapy Centres have MS counsellors - worth having a google to see if there is one near you.

Your GP should be able to refer you to a counsellor too.

BTW, a neuropsychologist assesses and help rehabilitate patients with brain damage. Better to see a clinical psychologist or a counselling psychologist for mood problems.

Karen x

My son needed help last year so I found a charity which gladly gave him counselling. there was also all kinds of therapy available. yes they have long waiting lists but if its urgent they could fit us in which they did.

Dont give up, ask your gp, but ring counselling charities. We got FREE help as we are living on low income and boy did they help my son overcome major difficulties for which im ever so grateful.

you are so right people suffering ms need another person with whom to share concerns, all aspects of such living with such a chronic disease, now and in the future.

Please dont feel you need money although it would have helped us faster too. You need to get across this next hurdle - finding access to FREE help then Im sure youll be able to cope better.

best wishes