Help! Does any of this sound familiar? Before diagnosis

Hi everyone, I’ve been reading a lot of the threads on here for a while now, looking for advice and help. I’ve been on a rocky road to diagnosis for about 20 months now. 2 MRIs, copious blood tests, examinations, consultants, passed from pillar to post. Lots of head scratching. However finally I may have some light at the end of the tunnel. My MRI scans (1 full spine, 1 lumbar) show multiple level degenerative disk disease. Bulging discs at cervical, thoracic and lumbar. Two disc herniations at lumbar, 1 which in intra vertebral (schmorls node). I have masses of back spasm which won’t relent. I have numbness/ pricking sensations to hands, fingers, toes, outer calf. Also leg stiffness in my right leg and a sensation as though my right calf muscles is tensing itself and like its going to pop involuntarily. Last week I found out I tested positive for ANA (1:80) in my bloods. Yesterday my pain doc did an examination and found that my reflexes were non existent on my right but brisk on my left, he also found I had clonus in my right foot and my hand strength on my right was weaker than that of my left. He stated that he was concerned and was going to contact the neuro I’m seeing on the 29th. Also requesting further MRI of my neck. Just wondering if this sounds similar to anyone else out there, is there any advice anyone can provide. I’m still Undiagnosed and only 33.

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

I think that the disc degeneration and bulging are likely to be the cause of your abnormal reflexes as well as your symptoms - it really depends on exactly where the damage is - but it can only be sensible to explore alternative causes.

The ANA test is for autoimmune conditions. There are autoimmune disorders that can cause degeneration of the spine so I would guess (I’m not a neuro!) that it is one of these that is causing your problems.

It would pretty damn unlucky to have more than one thing going on! (MS doesn’t affect the spine, only the spinal cord (and brain)).

Good luck on the 29th :slight_smile:

Karen x