Hello, Iam with MS from 4 years, iam 38 years old, live in Bulgaria.
The problem here is that i cant take my avonex properly at time because from the pharmacy and delivery firms do not deliver it at time so i cant take it normaly and my treatment is very bad like that.
I feel very well when i make avonex.

hi teniodcol

you should talk to your neuro or whoever prescribed avonex to you.

once a week injections = 4 per month.

i understand that things are different in bulgaria but surely 4 injections worth each month is not too much to ask.

we made some good friends over there back when i was newly diagnosed in 2009.

Tonka and Jan.

i still think of them and hope they are ok.

carole x

Hi, i have a prescription but the delivery at my pharmacy store is very rare sometimes i have to wait 2-3 weeks.
And that way i cant take the avonex at time.

hugs and kisses

argh! that makes me want to scream and i bet it does for you too.

you could ask the pharmacist to help by holding a few weeks worth.

the postcode lottery strikes again.

i imagine you live in a picturesque village.

i live in a grim (-ish) urban town in greater manchester where it is always raining.

wherever you live your medication should be available to you.

carole x