Starting avonex and need help please

Hi everyone,

this is my first post here after being diagnosed in august. I received my first delivery of my avonex today, i have been trying to contact my ms nurse since thursday to arrange someone to come and show me how to use/do it, i have called every day since thirsday left two messages and an email no ine has called me back and im starting to get frustrated and stressed about this!! Who showed you guys how to do it?

Thanks gillian xxx

Gillian .

If i had tried to contact my ms nurse that many times with out joy i wouldnt be happy .As far as i was aware they are supposed to show you how to inject yourself in clinic the first couple of times until you are confident to inject yourself .

If i was you id give them till today to reply to your calls , then id contact my GP and get him/her to show me how to inject myself they will know how to do it . The fact you have been left on your own wouldnt impress me though .

I hope you get sorted out .

Best Wishes Iain xx

Hi Gillian You could try phoning the neurologists secretary to ask for help in getting injection help. Or phone the hospital and ask for the general neurology nurses. It seems like a pretty poor service. I’m surprised you’ve been given Avonex and not Plegridy though. They are essentially the same drug, only while Avonex is a weekly intramuscular injection, Plegridy is a fortnightly subcutaneous injection, so much easier to do. But meanwhile you need to keep trying to get hold of some help. Sorry I can’t think of any other ways to get that help. Sue

Thank you both for your replies, the ms nurse called me back and told me lloyds pharmacy has to deal with my injections i called them to be told they dont deal with avonex and its the ms nurse… frustrated doesnt cover it

Gillian .

Surely that cant be right , thats why shes called an ms nurse and Lloyds are a pharmasist , one helps ms patients the other hands drugs to you over the counter or am i missing a trick here .

Id be on the dog and bone pronto like asking whats going on . I thought you women would have tis sort of thing covered you normally stamp your size sixes fix em the death stare and everything is sorted , or is that just me that happens too pmsl .

Running for my tin hat. Iain xxx


Its just me then , i knew i was doing something wrong lol xxx

By the way Iain, when are you coming to join the loony tunes in Brain Fog? I have a feeling you will fit right in. (Have I already asked you this? It’s possible, I’m a fully fledged Foggy!)


Sorry Sue i have that woman problem , its called selective memory lol , ill be over in a bit xxx