Hello.... Is there anybody there?

Hi my name is Linda, I am new to this page. I was diagnosed in 2010 with relapsing remitting MS. I am 18months down the road with Rebif a DMD. I would like to make new friends, both local to where I live which is Braintree in Essex/ or penal anywhere. Linda :-))

Sorry I meant Penpal. Oops!

Hi I’m not far away just the other side of Sudbury. Also diagnosed in 2010 in the March, I’m not currently on any DMD’s as didn’t get on too well with either Rebif or Copaxone. Mum to two horrors who keep me very busy. Please feel free to pm me xx

Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee…love it !! Class !! Cheered me right up did that !! Xx

I’m in sunny Colchester and also a mum of two. Not on any DMDs yet as do not qualify (relapses are frequent but have not been severe enough apparently!). Starting steroids tomorrow for my current relapse. X

Wow Contact made to the outside world!! Thank you so much for you’re responses. I am still struggling to know when I’m having a “relaps” I know that sounds odd, but when asked I can’t answer. My left leg has been effected, & over a two year period has got slower. Just about to start physiology on Fri. I too have had the steroids… O M G made my leg feel better, had so much energy, but problems started when the drugs were coming out of my system, I was like a nutter, my whole personality changed. Alright now thank god. Lovely to be able to chat :-)) Take care L xxxxx. & thank you again!!

My relapses are pretty clear as I have had very little in the way of residual problems - so much so that I get lulled into a false sense of security. When the relapses hit, they’re very noticeable but so far I’ve been able to manage without steroids (it helps being at home with the children as I don’t have the stress and worry of work - the housework just goes to pot!). This relapse is different in that it’s actually causing pain rather than my ‘usual’ eyesight problems, speech difficulties and sensory changes. I just hope I’m ok with the steroids! Physio has worked wonders for my legs as I sometimes get cramping and stiffness. Just have to remember to keep doing them! Hopefully it’ll be good for you too. X