Hello I'm Mike

Hi there.

My name is Mike and I now live in Keynsham for the oldies that’s spelt Key etc. I am 74 and was diagnosed in the 1970s with Relapsing MS. I was fortunate in that I was able to continue working in NHS until 1995 when I retired on medical grounds. By then my MS was secondary progressive. Then I did some freelance work which morphed into vouluntary work. We moved from Leeds to the Bristol area in 2008 and did up a house in Keynsham to full accessible spec. Lucky we did as I now have mega problems walking and use a wheelchair to get around at the moment. Very busy with volunterring for NT Tyntesfield and Aerospace Bristol in normal times.

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Lovely to meet you, Mike! I’ve always admired volunteers. I’m more of a wall flower and get nervous at the thought of putting myself into new groups of people.

Hi Mike well my brother used to work in aerospace filton I think. seems like you are keeping active and 74 you sound positive which is good. its good to meet you i live just half an hour from bristol. my family live in bristol area, including yate.

I am still trying to not go into long time chair user. my bungalow isnt really suitable.
Been to Tyntesfield house many moons ago it was lovely.

Hi Mike

Welcome to the forum, lovely people here always willing to help and support each other.

You sound very positive, keep thinking that way. I’m not far from you I am in Gloucestershire, take care.

Pam x

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Hi i live in gloucestershire too lol. x

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Hi Mike, I’m Charlie, good to ‘meet’


Born and bred in Stroud which makes me a real ‘Stroudie’ lol

Pam x

Oh no so no hope for you then ha ha. I was born in Aden to be truthful never even heard of stroud until i came this way back in the early eighties.

Lived in stonehouse for 30 years until my husband passed away then moved to gloucester. My daughter still lives in Stroud.

gosh its a small world isnt it Pam? I must admit i do love stroud. x

Indeed it is a small world CC and I also love our cute little town.

Pam x

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Hiya Mike N-SHAM! :rofl: Yes I’m old enough…63 :wink:

Just wanted to say hello. I’m PPMS dx 1991, take no medication, mostly 'cos I’ve never found anything that either didn’t agree with me or make me worse, and I’m stubborn! Born on the Wirral, lived quite a few places since and now currently living in Folkestone.
Nice to see a cheery voice - keep on keeping on :wink:
Elaine :slightly_smiling_face: