Hello everybody ✋️ 🙃🌷

I’m an MS patient since 1995 …
In 2008 I used a wheelchair and I was diagnosed as SPMS patient and now I’m laying down on bed all the time since December 2021 cause I can’t use my wheelchair anymore & I started taking Rituximab… hope it works well for me. Regards :sunglasses:

Hello Mody x
I am so sorry to hear that but it sounds like you are a real fighter! I hope the new medication works out well for you and shows improvement. I haven’t been officially diagnosed yet, neuro appt. tomorrow but have had all the tests done and it seems likely. This forum has been really supportive and coming from me- a person who doesn’t really voice her own feelings- its been everything.

If you ever need to chat, I will check on here every evening c

Rida x


Hi Mody!
Im in awe of your courage & strength, which will really help you get through this!! Ive never heard of Rituximab but am very curious about it…please keep up posted!
Take care :slight_smile:

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Thank you Rid Kid for reply and I hope you the best in your appt. Tomorrow
Regards :tulip:

Hi Meggy
Rituximab is an intravenous injection every 6 months given to the SPMS type patients … Thanks for passing😎