Hello all my wife has rrms. She got diagnosed @ 2010 with double vision. Last 6 months she is on interferon beta medication. Her recent MRI shows no change in lession when compared with 8 months before . my neurologists recommend rituximab as she has problems in weekly injection. Does I need to take care about pml ? What is the dosage care need to be taken? Is pml comes in long usage? Thanks in advance Balaji

How interesting - I didn’t know that rituximab was being used routinely for RRMS yet. I doubt whether many people on here will have experience of this drug - most of us on DMDs are on the mainstream ones - so if you don’t get many replies, that will probably be why. No doubt your neurologist will have particular reasons for this recommendation and I think that he/she is likely to be your only source of advice on this one. Of course, I might now be proved wrong by replies from half a dozen RRMS people on rituximab!