Have you signed the letter re Action on Pip?

Wow, I got a real live letter on House of Commons letterhead, signed by my MP, and what des it say?

Read the e-mail that kimbo posted (above) and it is not quite word for word.
I guess that someone in the DWP has produced a standard form letter that can be personalised depending on whether it comes “from your MP” of from his/her office.

OK, so that tells me that there is some concern in some Government Department that the campaign might just expose something. But how about this …

Read my previous post and see that they have my correct name and address, yet they got both my title and initial wrong.

That is a very quick way to annoy a voter.


I got 1 on similar lines this morning from our local mp as well looks like they are jusy trying to placate us Barbara.xx

Yep all done, and i got a reply from the DWP and a person who will remain nameless on here. It was four pages long and whilst lengthy, was a elongated standard reply. In summary it went a bit like this:-you know i cant be bothered to type it all out. Basicaly she said that ‘assessment was difficult it was important that they get the assess ment conditions right and that, we understand that it is a complex condition that they have to monitor over a 12 month period and they want to support the most vulnerable’.

As reading the chat pages and talking to my friend it seems to be standard that you have to appeal and then ATOS will visit you and undertake an assessment. I have sent her another letter in response, it was a bit more blunt about how MS affects people, but i dont expect a respone as i may have ben a bit cross when I wrote it.


There should be exceptions for conditions such as MS, MS is listed within other things in life along with other serious medical conditions…so why not now? The gov have not thought this through properly

I get they want people who shouldn’t be on DLA, off the benefit. I actually had a friend many years back whos grandmother was claiming high rate for a broken finger!!

I would bet we get no more/extra…just less. The people who know how to swing the lead will still manage to pull the wool and the real ones will go without even more.

I am worried sick about this. Its wrong

Is this something new?