Would just like to wish everybody on here -

A Very Happy Christmas & New Year

Heres to a good 2013 with better drugs, quicker dx, less relapses and brain transplants for all at ATOS!!!

Em xxxx

Merry Christmas to you too hope it’s a good one :slight_smile: And even euthanasia is too good for Atos!! x

Merry christmas Em,all the very best for 2013 !!

jaki xx

Happy, Stress free, [if that’s possible] Christmas to everyone


Merry Christmas everyone!

Wishing you all pease and comfort this festive season

Jools X

A merry berry and a happy holly from me to all of you…my cyber family!

much love, Polly xxx

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year x

And no matter what 2013 is like, its nice to know there are so many lovely people on this forum, who care and offer kind words and support x

Love to you all xx

wishing you all a very happy christmas & new year - hope its a good 2013 for us all

lots of love xxxxxxxxx

A very merry Xmas and all good wishes for 2013 to you all Linda x

Merry Christmas Em!

Pat xx

Have a good one everyone and remember to get plenty of rest. At least if we have one to many we can blame the MS see silver lining. Lets hope the new year is a good one for us all and as pain free as possible.

Take care guys

Love Mark

Merry Christmas to all!,


Merry Christmas to everyone and a happy 2013

Best wishes