Happy Christmas Everyone

My laptop is messing around and I think it may die so I am wishing EVERYONE a Merry Christmas ETC ETC.

Have a good one

I may be back but if not you know why. I will get it sorted after Christmas



Hope your laptop behaves over Christmas…who knows perhaps Father Christmas will bring you a new one!

Happy Christmas Don, Happy Christmas to everyone else too,

Take Care all,

Nina x

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My laptop has cracked and is clearly going to go bang at any moment. My tablet is on go-slow too, my use of it increased ten-fold when I retired - oops!

Yes, a very merry Christmas to you all

Sonia x

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Have a lovely Christmas everyone.

There are so many cracks in my tablet I can barely type but I’m saving for a fancy one in the new year so hopefully it won’t die before then.

I really don’t know what I would do without it.

Nice to hear from you, Don.

Mags xx

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Hope Christmas has been kind to you Don.

In 2018, I intend to go and visit people. You’re close enough. (Tunbridge Wells, change at Tonbridge to Margate.) Watch this space.

Best wishes.

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I decided I must get out more but having stayed at home for years I no longer had a coat!

My husband decided to rectify the situation by buying me three for Christmas!!! I mean three??

Hope you had a good Christmas Steve?

Take care,

Nina x