Had my neuro appt!

Well, I went all prepared! Not sure what to think of her. So glad my hubby was there otherwise I think she would have been more dismissive than she was. She asked me to tell her my history which I did. She then snapped that she didn’t want to know what my doctors had done or what I had been to see them with and that we did only have 30 minutes. She did all her tests and then got me to stand with my eyes shut. My hubby said that the look on both her and her assistants faces was a picture. As I fell sideways they rushed to grab me. The next 2 times they were stood either side of me propping me up as I went over! She then said that all of my tests were absolutely fine and that there isn’t anything wrong…although she doesn’t know why I go sideways and hasn’t seen that before!

She proceeded to slightly accuse me of Googling my symptoms, which I haven’t done and said it was functional disorder. If it was something more serious then it wouldn’t have taken 9 years for me to get to the point of needing a neurologist. She then said that she could do bloods and MRI but didn’t think it would be worth it as it wouldn’t show up anything. I was then told that I needed to examine what may trigger my episodes as it seems strange to her that the episodes stop and stay away for a while! Oh and she herself has a tremor and it shows in tests on her but mine didn’t on me!

It was only after I said that for many years I haven’t been anxious about my symptoms as I hadn’t even realised up to the last 3 months that they were symptoms and that I cannot find a reason why they start up, that she changed her tune and started to fill in the relevant forms for bloods and MRI. I have always taken the view that whatever is wrong, is wrong. There is nothing I can do about it so why worry about it. Hopefully by explaining this to her she decided that i wasn’t just neurotic! Just a shame that this episode seems to have come to an end. Maybe if the tests had been done when I was feeling so bad they might have been different.

So there we go, that has been my morning! Now to wait for the MRI.

Sharon x

I love this from neuros that there is no point in tests. You get told because they won’t find anything I got told because the mri is non diagnostic and I’d worry if they found anything! !! Hope you get sorted X

Hi Sharon

sorry to hear that you have had such a unpleasant appointment. I am glad that you are being tested for things now though. Typical that your symptoms have settled down now you have been seen!

I am feeling even more nervous about my Neuro appointment on Friday now!!

Take care x


Fizz you’ll be fine. Just tell it as it is and go from there. Can’t remember who it was on here posted when I was nervous last week that there are alot of good neuros out there too. At least I have managed to get an MRI. If nothing comes back from that, then fine. I was just horrified that they were going to dismiss it without going further. It would be quite amusing though if they did find something!

Good luck for friday xx

Lol, you can’t win either way!! x

Blimey Sharon that sounds like an ordeal! I just had to look whereabouts you live though as it sounded like neurologist I saw last week who was asking me when various episodes happened. When I struggled to remember the dates and reached into my bag for the list I’d made she snapped “just roughly will be fine, we’ve only got 15 minutes!” I’m nowhere near you though so just a coincidence! Glad you’re getting the tests though. And I thought it was quite common for MSers to fall sideways when their eyes are shut!

Another graduate from the neurology charm school! Do you think she might have been Head Girl? Never mind. You have your MRI referral. That’s the important thing. Well done! Alison

Sunflower, I did get the impression that she was saying things in the hope I would just let it drop. When she seemed to decide that we weren’t just going to get up and go she seemed to go the opposite way. It was just really weird. The thing I kept thinking was that if you are suffering from RRMS then surely that is having an episode and it clears up till the next time. So what is so strange about me having had these symptoms on and off for 9 years? Or have I got the idea of relapsing and remiting all wrong?

Alison, that made me laugh. Could just imagine her as head girl! Yes I have, thank goodness! I would rather have it and know for sure whether there is anything visible or not. x

Sharon, appalled I am… and I sound like Yoda! :o

I’ve pm’d you sweetie xxx

Lol, pm’d you back before i saw this. May the force be with us all!! :0