Had appendix out and had to miss tysabri appt

HI all

Had my appendix out on 19th April and still off work on sick, not really cos of the wounds, but my blood pressure has plummeted - i get really bad headaches every morning and feel light headed.  I took my blood pressure at home at it was 83/63 this morning and 83/58 yesterday.

Has anyone experienced low blood pressure and had any advice on how to raise it - my GP said just drink loads which I am doind but it's not really helping much.

Has anyone missed a tysabri treatment and felt like this - I wondered if they were linked!

Thanks guys - have a good day!thumbsup

Hi Helen,

Sorry to hear your not feeling well. I had my gallbladder out and had to miss a month of tysabri, and I felt bloody awful. Terrible. I don’t remember about having bad blood pressure, I just felt so ill. The best thing I found was rest and loads of it.

Maybe contact your nurse? See what they could advise u?

I hope you feel better soon :slight_smile: xx

Ooops bloody tremors, pressed enter to many times, sorry!!

You might have a word with your local pharmacist to see whether he/she thinks Dioralyte [sp?] would be beneficial. It may help to rebalance your body's salts.


Other things that may help include:

* IBT - inclined bed therapy, sleeping with your body at an angle, your head at a higher level than your feet. I incline my (sturdy wooden) bed by having a couple of thick wooden planks under the head end of the bed.

* travel support stockings (sexy!!!)

* cut out caffeine & alcohol


Lolli xx