greatest worry?

i have sat and thought on many occasions about this illness and what it could do to me.

the list is pretty large and a really worrie about becoming a burden to my wife and children but i must say that my sight would be the main upsett to me. dont know how i would cope not seeing properly for a long period of time. ive had double vision in the past that lasted approx. 4 months in all. it was terrable. not that it was painfull in anyway just that i really struggled to cope with that and my diagnosis at the same time. no driving. which was hard to take as i needed to drive for my living.

everyone is differant and most deffinatly think differant but can i ask what your most fear of this illness is?

Same as you my main fear is loosing my sight, i would rather loose the use of my legs than my eyes,my ms affects my ability to walk more than a few steps,and i have to use a w/c when i go out,and i have had to adapt,but i dont know if i could accept loosing my sight,it really scares me to think about it.

Lossing my sight would really scare me I don’t know how I’d cope even If I close my eyes if I’m not touching something my balance just goes and I fall over


mine is sight to- and (excuse the pun) im looking at things going tots up at the mo- I lost my sight in my right eye 3 yrs ago and it has only returned to shapes-and periforal colours. ive had problems with my left eye for the last year and its slowly deteriorating as my right one did- im pretty sure my optic neuritis is different to a lot of otheres as mine gets worse slowly over a long period of time and doesnt get better- where as usually (if i understand it right) it goes quick and comes back nearly to normal for most people- im no expert and im sure there are others that can clarify/reasurre better than me-

im just in the process of getting my business go- im a machine embroiderer and i make quilts- couldnt have a worse job-sight wise. im letting the machine embroidery side go and ill keep making my quilts for as long as i can. off to see neuro next week but when i saw him last he just said- sorry -luck of the draw. i am worried about it- but glad i have the oppertunity now to sort my business etc so IF it does deteriorate more i wont have such an emotional fall.

im hoping that thiis is as far as it goes, but having already been through it once and having the exact same symptoms again- im not confident.

I can kiss, hug,talk to,be with, all the people i love. with my eyes open or closed. I have to think like that or ill loose the plot

BC xx

Hello, oh dear, isnt it upsetting that we not only suffer the day to day problems, living with this thing` causes us, but it takes our thoughts to worse scenarios, eh?

My greatest fear is that I could lose my husband…he is my main carer, my love, my soulmate and half of me!

luv POllx

Hello all, my greatest fear is becoming incontinent, whether it be urine or the other end. I would not want anybody to have to clean me it would be upsetting for me & not a very pleasent job for them. Even if I could clean myself up I would be scared to go out if I did not know when this would happen.

If I could not see I think I would eventually learn to cope with this. My first symptom was losing the sight in my left eye, this slowly came back even though it is still not back completly & a few years later the sight in my right eye became worse than my left eye & I have been informed that they will never be the same again. I have managed to hide this & it is not something I tell people about unless I have to.


Well as you say the list is pretty long, incontinence, loss of sight and use of my hands would be pretty high up but my greatest worry would have to be choking to death, I have had some trouble swallowing, even just saliva, it’s not common but when it happens it’s very unpleasant and frightening…thought about that enough to wonder what I would do if I were choking and could not breath…it’s a slow way to go.

My greatest fear is what ms might bring to my son although Ive always said I would not burden him with my care as he has learning difficulties and is entitled to a life of his own. I live in the hope it leaves me with the ability to function in life so as to get some enjoyment from it and not place too much responsibility on anyone else.

Yes I agree with ones sight too, as Im blind in one eye and feared for a few years that my other eye might go the same. Cannot imagine a world where I couldnt see what nature has to offer.

My greatest wish is for all msers never to have to think that far in front and a cure for us all in the not too distant future. Dwelling on what might never be only brings on depressing thoughts so I wont dwell very long on this topic.