Gotta love doctors

We can’t live with them; we can’t live without them.

So, I tried to get a refill on my blood pressure meds yesterday, and the pharmacy could only tell me that my doctor rejected it. Never got a call from the GP’s office saying that anything was wrong.

It turns out that I just haven’t seen the GP in 3 years, so she won’t refill the prescription until I schedule an appointment. That’s not a long time for us, because I see my neuro every 3-6 months, and the two of them compare notes via their shared computer system.

However, the office told me 2 years ago that I needed an appointment. But they weren’t scheduling anyone due to Covid. When I called back 6 months later, same thing. I finally got an appointment for this past Spring, but they cancelled it. Due to Covid. And now they’re mad at me because I haven’t been in?!


Unfortunatly that is something which happens all the time - I work in pharmacy and we will request prescriptions and the surgery just ignore them, dont let anyone know.

If they haven’t or wont fill your prescription without seeing them, but can’t get an appointment could you go to your pharmacy and have your blood pressure taken and get the results sent to the doctors - would that work for them?

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And it’s always the patient’s fault when one of the mysterious invisible trip-wires has been broached!

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It actually worked out well, sort of. She’s phoning in the refill, and I have an appointment in mid-January. However, she’s nearly 30 miles away, so I’ll probably wind up having to cancel it due to the weather. I think that my neuro would prescribe them for me if I ran into trouble.

@NorasMom I get you. I have an understanding every six months i send in BP readings. No way at the moment would they want me to just pop in and see them to take a BP measurement.

SO I do a full month. I average the results. they are happy with that.

I am on propranol they cant just stop it, they tried in hospital when i was taken in a few months back and my BP just soared and i was in a mess.

Actually would like to see GP about my blood pressure but you cant see anyone.

One of our residents here in sheltered nearly died. She had developed a pain right side radiating down the thigh, so rang GP she is 86 uber fit and active. could not see doctor so they did a phone conversation she was told it was sciatica. The pain was on and off for nearly two weeks and was getting worse. Her daughter found her abut 2 weeks later collapsed on the floor and she was rushed into hospital with a burst appendix and she was told another few hours she wouldnt have made it. I think the doctors are trying to slim down their clients list. She came out yesterday and was barely walking.

Hi, this truly is a case for GGGGGRRRRR!!! Our GPs won’t see anyone…their surgeries are guarded by well trained rotweillers and all we can do is seethe and roll our eyes.

I’ve been told horrendous stories and been the victim of some too this year, in trying to get seen by the right medical professionals.

It has caused me to wonder if the Hippocratic oath should be renamed the Hypocritic oath!

Hi CC, I know…it is a terrible state of affairs.
In September, I was very poorly with a uti and my GP wouldnt come out…he sent a paramedic!

These are the people we rely on…yet we can’t now!

And don’t we all just love phone appointments? Especially when it’s a new doctor we’ve never seen before!

I had a phone appointment with a GP yesterday. Next week I have a colorectal phone appointment. The week after I have a phone appointment with a gastroenterologist (a v important appointment with someone I’ve never seen before). A couple of weeks later I have a urologist appointment, by phone.

Obviously, I don’t want to be traipsing all over the county for appointments, but it might be nice just once to see an actual doctor!

Meanwhile, I see nurses all the time. They do fortnightly visits to me. I even had an ad hoc one who rang and said she wanted to come and check a rash I had, plus non existent pressure sores. Even though I’d seen a nurse 3 days before!


It’s easier when you’re a cat. Phoned the vet 0900 today because we were a bit worried about our old boy. Appointment - a real one - 1145.

Wish I were a feline :cat2:

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love that your so right.

well on a positive note SHOCK HORROR hold onto your chair…
Phone went yesterday ANNOUNCED so picked it up well it was from my doctors surgery…jeez i grabbed my chest in shock lol, quick felt my pulse…it was pounding lol. I had a phone call from the surgery…oh heck something serious?

So i accepted the call. The receptionist said to me "morning just to let you know we have booked you for a booster and flu jab on monday afternoon. your first in line so should be with you about 2pm.

ERRR she never said would you like a booster or flu jab; but they had made an appointment and you will have it the nurse will be with you about 2pm.

Now let me see bowels not working, waiting for important meds from neurologist who requested via the surgery… not important obviously.

NOW CALL ME CYNICAL. well I am. sorry maties.

Are the surgeries getting a fat bonus from the government for how many boosters and flu jabs they give to people? ANYONE?

WELL i told her no to flu never had the jab. she was taken aback. so booked the booster. ALTHOUGH after reading about it I am not sure i want to go with it.

WHY? WELL i HAD astra zeneca 2 jabs no side affects. Now they want to give me one jab of Pfizer a totally different medium for the virus man made etc, which has known side affects because its different.

why should i have pfizer? they say its because its more affective is it?

If so how come so many in europe have had it and germany has the highest rates of covid now and they cant blame it all on non vaccinated.

I shall consider my options and my risk factors.

But i wont be bullied.

FACT. Yesterdays TIMES.

  • Covid case rates are now highest among children aged five to nine in England, according to the latest data.

I believe all children should wear masks at school. I wont have kids near me they are just PETRI DISHES LOL.