Giving up work

Hi, can anyone help me with how I go about sorting out what I’m intitled to regards benefits? At the moment I work in a shop 16 hrs. Business not doing well and boss has asked me to reduce hours to 11 pw. I get working tax credit, but won’t if hours dropped? I think I’m at the point where it’s time to call my working days to a holt. I walk with crutches, have to climb stairs to the loo, which is a task in its self! Went back today after Christmas break and worked 6hrs. I am absolutely Shattered tonight. If I give the job up where would I get advise as too what I can claim etc? Always loved working and said I’d carry on as long as possible but I know the time has come! :frowning: Chris

If you decde to not quit, I think you can do 16 hours and still claim. But maybe find somewhere where everything is one floor?

I’m sorry to hear that you have to give up, I got made redundant at the start of last year and suddenly my symptoms took a turn, as a result I haven’t been able to work since, especially seeing as they’ve just managed to sort physio out, JUST. So I feel your pain, it’s crap to deal with, good luck though, I hope it works out for you


Hi Dave, I think I shall have to give up all together. I’m just finding it all too much! I struggle to get up, shower, dressed etc so I’m tired before leaving the house! I will miss the company and friendly customers but I’ve got to think of the quality of life I have . So, do I go to the job centre for advise? I suppose it’s different been made redundant as that made the decision for you. But making the it for myself is a hard one? Chris

Chris I had to give work up last year. I was a nurse and when I lost my job I also lost my qualifications so I was really gutted. My quality of life has improved as like you I was shattered by the time I’d got myself ready and has to get up at least 2 hours before I went anywhere as it took so long to get ready.

You can claim Disability Living Allowance whether you’re working or not if you meet the criteria, I also get Employment and Support Allowance, and Child Tax Credits. I don’t know if you have children. You’ll never be rich on benefits, unless you know something we don’t buy as I said my life has improved, I have family time now but also not having the stress of keeping calling in sick or spending all your time off reading before the next shift is such a relief.

My union was a great help if you have one they could help you, but if not I was sent guides on applying for benefits that I’ll be happy to e mail to you if you want, they’re legal and extremely helpful.

Only you will know when the time’s right to retire, I earn you now it’s very difficult in the beginning but I’m relieved now and looking back I know I made the right decision. Take care.

Cath xx

If you go to entitledto dot co dot uk they have a calculator which will work out exactly what you can claim. The calculator include disability, employment, housing benefits etc.