Hello everyone,i have not used this forum for a few years.But i would like some advice please…I have rrms the last ten years and i started Rebif 44 more or less straight after being diagnosed…All was fine for 8years and then i noticed i was getting new symptons like dragging my leg,losing control of my bladder,so i was changed onto Copaxone as i had developted antibodies to the interferons…I had a m.r.i. last month and the neuro suggested i change to Gilenya which i had refused to try before i started Copaxone…well i will be starting this new tablet on the 6th augustMy question is has anyone else taken this tablet? thanks xxxx

Sure thing, I started it nearly 2 months ago and all has been fine. The hospital heart monitoring day was just long and boring and my heart rate didn’t drop too much at all. Make sure you take a good book (and probably your own lunch cause my sandwich wasn’t too nice!) Since then no problems although my latest bloods show my poor old liver is struggling a bit but I’m sure it will settle down. I feel fine on it with no discernible and it’s really lovely not having to inject. Good luck x

that should say no discernible side effects!

4 weeks on Tuesday since my first pill, and I feel so much better than I did on interferon. My head is just so much clearer. I had my first bloods on Thursday so am hoping they are fine, as I would hate to go back. My heart rate dropped about 30 mins after taking the first pill, but if the nurse hadnt told me, I would never have known. I agree its a long day in hospital, although at least I caught up on some reading, both on my kindle and audioboooks.

No real side effects, I have had two headaches which is unusual for me as I rarely get them. But a couple of paracetemol dealt with them.


I’ve been on Gilenya for 3 months now and I feel absolutely fine. No side effects at all. No relapses since I started but of course it’s early days. It’s great to be free of the painful injections and horrible flu symptoms.


I have been on Gilenya nearly 3 months now,I started in May. No problems so far, only 2 baby colds and a sore throat. Day one when I was being monitored my heart rate went down a little, soon picked up when I walked around! Gilenya patients are kept a close eye on so I would recommend.