Getting fed up

I’m really getting fed up of my whole body either vibrating or having electric shocks going down it. I’m having trouble walking now. My husband has just had to help me walk from the kitchen to the living room. It’s really doing my head in. And is making me very tired, it’s as if my body is trying to fight what ever it is I’ve got.

hi donna

i have been determined to fight ms for 10 years now.

i’d say that fatigue is to be expected because i’m at war with ms.

right now though i haven’t the energy to make a cuppa.

i know that you may not be diagnosed but we are both cheesed off.

let’s have a pity party!!

then we can plot to do awful things to ms.

that is the most frustrating thing, we are having horrible things happen and we can’t even go and kick the person responsible.

i can’t because in order to kick you need to stand on one leg and there is only one way that will end - splat!

sorry for waffling on in your post.


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Hi donna

Am I right in thinking you don’t yet have a diagnosis?

Is the difficulty walking a new development?

If so, I’d suggest your husband takes you to A&E where they may start you on some steroids.

Yeah lol. Need to kick someone or something.

No I haven’t as yet. Last night was the first one. I’m writing it all down to give to consultant when I see him in a few weeks.

Hi Donna

Writing everything down as a timeline will help you when you see the neurologist. Make sure you keep notes of how long something lasts.

If the walking problem gets very much worse, ie that you cannot walk at all, your legs feel filled with concrete and/or that you just can’t direct them as to where to go, regardless of support from your husband then you could as Harebell suggests, go to A&E. This would be especially important if you start falling, or if you aren’t safe.

Meanwhile, it’s as we all say, don’t count your chickens re MS until you’ve seen the neurologist and had some more tests.

Otherwise, rest is the only thing for helping fatigue. And sometimes metaphorical kicking is all you can do.