General inquiries

Hello everybody, hope ur doing great.
I dont have MS my brother does , he is around 30 he has been diagnosed 2 years ago, we found lesions in the brain and spinal cord. He is on medication now , but as relatives we dont know much about his medical condition! He is usually prefer to keep it for himself, his attacks is under control for now, his doctor said that he is responding positively with his medication.
But as a family we feels that we’re living on a top of a volcano.
So is there any one here can tell me from his experience with him self or a relative how much time we might still in RRms and is it assured that we will be gone to PROGRESSIVE MS and in how much time this might happen and this depends on what? The life stresses, the environment , the food types? Please answer me.
Thank you

I have had RRMS for 20+ years and have no idea how to answer those questions for myself let alone anyone else, so I don’t even try. Trying to find certainty where there is no certainty to find is a losing game.

The best thing I can suggest is for you and other interested relatives to spend some time on the main part of this MS Society site, reading up about your brother’s condition. This should give you as good an understanding as you can have about how things work at a population level.

No one will be able to predict how things will turn out for you brother as an individual. That is one of the tricky aspects of MS. If you find out a bit more about MS in general terms, you will be in a better position to support your brother as he learn to deal with the uncertainties that are part of his condition and part of his life now.