Gavin Giavanonni blog and survey

Apologies as I have probably spent Prof G’s name wrong, but here goes: the MS research group at the Barts is carrying out a survey to find out whether PwprogressiveMS are willing to have 3 lumbar punctures (using ‘better’ needles and ultrasound to guide the needle) as part of clinical trials. The eason being that this technique can vastly reduce the numbers of PwMS and time required to carry out the trials. So, if you’re interested, take yourself off to the blog and complete the survey. There is a 10 minute video to watch which explains it all. B x

I’m surprised I haven’t any responses, maybe people don’t realise that this is about trying to speed up the time taken to carry out clinical trials on treatments that might help people with progressive MS…?

Yes I did read your post ( had a bit of a time finding the blog :roll: ) here’s the link to the blog V

Thanks V x