Gabapentin weaning

Hey folks…bit of a long shot but just wondered whether anyone had any issues weaning off gabapentin? I was prescribed it a month ago to control spasms and mild numbness. To be honest, it just made me feel worse so I have been lowering the dose . For the last 2 days I feel like I am starting a relapse, which is totally demoralising as I have only started Ocrevus in July. The only other small possibilty that I can think of is that playing around with this medication has aggravated my symptoms. Any advice on this gratefully received Thanks

talk to your doctor or whoever prescribed it.

Another option is ask your pharmacist, mine is extremely helpful. They know a lot of info on meds.

good luck, I came off gabapentin because it was making me bloated and constipated.

My mum has been on gabapentin for years due to kneck spasms. She actually managed to come of it she just started spacing out the frequency she took the pills but the withdrawal was awfull she felt terrible initially. She did manage to come of them though… Unfortunately she’d to go back on them again due to original spasms returning.