Gabapentin withdrawal symptoms

I was on 2600mg gabapentin and had been for about 5 years. My husband and I decided to try for a baby so I very stupidly dropped the dose far too quickly. The withdrawals have been awful - leg pain, dizzy and balance is terrible! Actually feels like a relapse :frowning: has anyone else been through this? Is there anything I can take to help with these dreadful symptoms? Thanks everyone. xx

Hi Helen, I was on 3,600mg daily and they really weren’t helping with my pain at all. I foolishly thought that as my pain was unchanged, the gabapentin must not affect me much in general. Silly girl! I came off them over 4 or 5 days but I really should have given myself 3 or 4 weeks of gradual weaning. Because you’ve been on them for such a long time, you should allow yourself a very slow reduction too. I would do something like 5 days at 2100mg, then 5 days at 1500mg then 5 days at 900mg, then 600, then 300 etc. I was wired to the moon for a couple of days, no sleep, brain on over-drive. Gabapentin suppresses general brain activity so when you remove this brake too quickly things jump forward, generally in a bit of a jumble. I googled ‘gabapentin withdrawal’ and found some other meds forums that offered advice. Extra magnesium supplementation for a few days worked best for me, and I also went back on to a low dose of gabapentin for a week or so. Good luck!