Gabapentin Tillomed Side Effects

Hi I’ve been put on Gabapentin Tillomed 100mg x3 daily (undiagnosed). Im experiencing anger/frustration and fatigue but can it also cause you to forget words or mix them up?

I’m forgetting simple words and also mixing words up and getting names wrong :woman_facepalming:t2: Has anyone experienced it on this medication?

Thanks in advance :blush:

If Gabapentin is the only change to your regime, it could be that which is causing your changes in behaviour.

I was put on Gabapentin 5 years ago after an accident/ injury and even on a low dose, I was away with the fairies! Sounds like it might not be the right drug for you either. Report your symptoms to whoever prescribed them straight away.

Thank you oddly the pharmacy are phoning me in a few days as it’s a new drug or maybe a new variant?

I can’t take amitriptyline as I’m waiting on investigations into my low heart rate but I will definitely inform my doctor asap.

I definitely feel strange I completely lost track of my conversation several times today… although I’m sure my family would say I’ve always been away with the fairies :joy: