Gabapentin liquid

Hi all, I just wondered if anyone had liquid gabapentin? I seem to be intolerant to something they are putting in the 300mg caps and just about every generic make has the same…the only manufacturer that i am fine with is Teva but in the last three months it has been impossible to get this brand (even though it has been fine for 8 years!) Best wishes Andrea

Andrea, I too was a ‘Teva lover’ and several pharmacists were baffled as to why it worked better than the others.I’ve only got yellow 300mg Sandoz tabs now.What I have found recently is that I do better with smaller dosages (not booze and fags)

I got some empty gelatine capsules off t’internet and now open the tabs and put roughly 100mg in the empty capsules. I also take LAMOTRIGINE 100mg tabs. They are scored so I stick half of one in a capsule,'cos they are minging and difficult to swallow.

I used to know why there was hassle getting Teva,but I have forgo…Oh, I’ve never heard of liquid Gab

Wb x