Gabalin (Pregabalin)

Hi, I`m now up to 125mg a day pregabalin. 50mg in am and 75mg at pm.

it is still keeping the tum pain away. Could do with a bit more, as heel pain hasnt gone yet and is a bit more than just tolerable.

So I will up it to 150mg max, as GP suggested. Hope I dont get woozy again.

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Looks like we’ve all been told something different by our neurologists. I had dizziness and weight gain when I first started taking Lyrica (Pregabalin) but this went after first few weeks. I’m now on 600mg daily and no noticeable side effects. My neuro says ‘we don’t mess about with pain we need to hit back hard’ and I agree, so if you feel ok on Lyrica and it is working on the pain, I would push for a much higher dose than 150mg. Good luck. :slight_smile:

I take 400mg of pregabalin but it never takes the pain away completely. Tried amitriptilyn on a night as well but this makes me too much like a zombie. My weight is terrible now, I get ready prepared mash etc as I have difficulty chopping veg etc. I crave carbs all day long. At the drs I found out I now have high blood pressure. I desperately need to get back in control.

Tonka, i suffer fatigue and I take Amantadine which as well as helping with fatigue seems to control my appetite and I have now lost all the Lyrica weight as I no longer feel hungry. Maybe it would help you? Anyway I have PMd you as well. : )

Hi all, I take 3 x 200mg of Pregabilin daily. No side effects. I have been told to go to 800 mg daily! I have not as yet.

I have been taking Pregabalin for several months and I am pleased with the results. This is my second attemp and it only became successful because I started on 25mg per day and increased it by 25mg every 3 days. This meant that my body adjusted to the side effects more easily and I am now on 300mg per day (2x150mg). Since taking the drug I have been able to stop taking sleeping tablets and my body has calmed down. Prior to the drug I was in constant pain, felt as if I was wired into the live feed and caused the bed to shake.

I hope that you tolerate the drug and get to a level which is beneficial for you.



Could I ask a slightly taboo question please? Gabapentin and Pregabalin, can one drink any alcohol at all?

I most certainly did when I was taking both drugs. I think I took first Gabapentin, then moved to Pregabalin, at a point in life when I was working. Thus drinking far more than I do now. (Going out after work, client entertaining, work events, staying in hotels with colleagues. Thinking about it, I’m surprised I ever got any work done!!)

There’s nothing taboo about drinking with prescription medicines. It’s part of life, and one which many people would prefer not to stop because of MS. It robs us of enough as it is.



I take Pregabalin (300 mg) daily and usually a bottle of wine a week. Drug tends to make wine more potent, or perhaps I’m just buying more expensive wine. Keep your pecker up. Life without an occasional glass would be unbearable.

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I am also on 600mg daily of Lyrica and I was told this is the maximum dose allowed under nice guidelines. As I am only 56kg ;the GP would not consider a higher dose. However I am also taking Amytriptaline 50mg and Cymbalta 30mg ;as well as Baclofen;60mg ;to help with the pain. I get Zopiclone too, to help with sleeping. There is also a drug called Attarax which helps with itching that I take sometimes. So even if you’ve reached your max dose there are other drugs that you might be able to take alongside it. x