Shared this on my facebook page. Thought I’d share with my friends on here too…new and old

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very true, my friend

JBK xx

Very true & lovely. Can always rely on you for a pick me up. Xx

That little bird is so cute. Is it a budgie?


It’s an owl! Looks a bit how I feel. X

An Owl !! are you sure #2? it looks like a budgie to me Lol

You feeling a bit green, big eyed and floppy with sticky out legs

Give myself the giggles now

Supposed to be one, came up on the list when I typed in owl. But who cares eh? The answer to the next question is yes, it’s why I chose it, lol. Xxx

What a lovely post, so true.

ann xx

yes you are spot on,

friendships take different forms at different stages of life.

these friendships are deep and meaningful, even though we can’t put all names to faces, we know each others real self.

ah i love you dear friends.


I know what you mean and that does ring true. I’ve had such amazing support on here, and been able to offer support to others as well. Like a little online family, the only difference is that I’ve not argued with anyone here!

nice hugs to all, fluffyollie xx

Awww Noreen. That is so nice.

And true Jen. If we didn’t have MS then we would never have met online. Something good has come out of having MS.

Cherry. You are very good at doing the splits!!!

Shazzie xx