Friends think it may be MS

i dont know where to go from here, I have zero faith in the doctors in my town as they keep brushing me off their shoulders and telling me this is all normal and there’s nothing wrong… like I’m some kind of hypochondriac, but it’s debilitating. Some days I feel like I can’t even move. Does this sound like it could be a little flare up that’s going unnoticed? I can’t live like this anymore and I’m tired of no doctor taking my suffering seriously… I’m only 22 and it’s like they think because of my age there’s nothing that could be wrong. They don’t know what’s going on with me though I haven’t brought up MS.

So, I don’t really know how to go on with this post, but I’ll just tell you all my symptoms and see if anything lines up.


-brain fog and cognitive issues
-intermittent fading vision/tunnel vision
-Pelvic pain during sex and cramping after

-inability to achieve orgasm
-intermittent vaginal bleeding and pelvic pain (diagnosed as inexplicable they are trying to get me to take BC and considering removing my uterus of problems persist)
-sudden and severe weight loss causing me to be underweight
-extreme, sickening tiredness especially in the afternoon and evening.
-intermittent numbness, muscle joint and nerve pain happening with no pattern or cause
-bruising easily
-shortness of breath and tightness in my chest
-irregular heart beat/palpitations
-back pain (could be from my herniated L5S1)

-chronic anxiety and depression
***I tried to put everything together even if I think some of my issues may be unrelated, maybe there’s a link somewhere. ***

They did a full blood panel and it was all normal…
-Thyroid problems
-Vitamin deficiencies/anemia
-Uterine fibroids & other anatomical abnormalities of pelvic area (ultrasound of that region was done)
-Hormone imbalance
-Infection or Virus
(And a couple other blood tests I can’t remember what for)

What do you guys think?

hi ashchar

it is impossible for us to diagnose you.

there are a great many things that mimic ms symptoms.

pelvic pain needs looking into.

have you got a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), ask doc to give you a sample kit.

your gp can’t diagnose you either but you can insist that he refers you for testing on your worst symptoms.

you need to get your anxiety under control because that will prevent you enjoying your twenties.

GP could help with a mild anti depressant or you could try mindfulness meditation which is based on breathing.

carole x


I totally agree with Carole, it is impossible for any of us to say, yes that sounds like MS, or conversely, that it doesn’t.

Have you seen a GP and presented them with a list of symptoms in the same way you have here? I know it’s sometimes difficult to do so for fear of seeming to be a hypochondriac. But that does seem to be a very long list and some of the symptoms sound as though you really need them to be sorted.

Personally I wouldn’t see a GP and suggest that maybe it’s MS, or in fact any other diagnosis. Doctors prefer to be given a list of symptoms and come up with a diagnosis themselves.

I wonder though, if you should be splitting your symptoms in two. Separating your pelvic pain, bleeding, etc from the rest might be quite sensible. Because there could be a definitive problem there that you should have dealt with. You’ve said this has been ‘diagnosed as inexplicable’, but also that they’ve suggested removal of the uterus. These two things don’t seem to match up. If the doctors can’t explain something, they don’t normally propose a solution quite as drastic as hysterectomy.

If you really do think that there could be an underlying neurological problem, it might be worth trying to see a private neurologist if you can afford an initial appointment. Often people see a neurologist who has both a private and an NHS practice. This way, if the neuro thinks you need tests to explore your symptoms from a neurological perspective, you could be referred back to the NHS for the expensive tests.

I hope you do find a solution to your many symptoms. It sounds very worrying. And as Carole said, such anxiety will be stopping you from enjoying your youth.