Foot Drop and Fatigue


I’ve just joined this forum. I was diagnosed with Remitting Relapsing MS in 2003. I was discharged from hospital in 2009 after no relapses. I suffered a major relapse at the end of June. I’m struggling with foot drop and severe fatigue. Any advice and tips to help. I’m not on any drugs.

hi TJG

have you seen a podiatrist because mine made me an insole which made me start to pick my feet up.

still stagger and trip but not because of foot drop.

see a podiatrist attached to your neuro clinic.

fatigue is a way of life unfortunately.

carole x

The best solution to drop foot I have found is FES and worth asking your GP to arrange for an assessment. This recently revived thread should give you some idea of what to expect.

i also suffer with foot drop, had my first physio today, being referred for fes and been given daily exercises in the meantime, as for the fatigue i just sleep when i have to an thats often lol

Hi TJG, Unfortunately fatigue is a huge symptom of MS and I have found I just have to have a rest/sleep. It is best to rest when your body tells you otherwise you end up feeling ten times worse. I too have drop foot. Janet x

I have found that insoles with arch support inside them can really help with foot drop. You can also get foot straps for around the house too.

The best arch support insoles I have tried are:

I am sorry that your MS has reared its ugly head like this. That must be a horrible shock to the system.

Your MS has changed up a gear by the sound of things and I think you need to get back on the Consultant Neurologist’s list as quickly as possible (if you haven’t already) to review the situation and, in particular, disease modifying drugs. Your MS has mugged you recently. In your shoes, I would want to be doing all I could to stop that happening again.

I hope that it all calms down for you and that you continue to recover function after the June relapse.


Hello TJG.

A foot brace can help.You can get one from orthotics if your doctor, physio or MS nurse refers you.

As for fatigue, it’s all about pacing yourself and listening to your body. I found dietary adjustment helpful. A few months ago I cut right down on gluten and dairy. I found the minimum of dairy helpful but I do miss my cheese.

Best wishes, Steve

I am going for foot pedicure and massage today, they spend an hour on my feet including massage and wrapping my feet in a lovely foot glove, heated then I have a cooling cream and more massage. Along with going daily physio, this keeps my foot drop at bay for a while.