Fooled by your own mind

Hello from East Sussex.

I’m making some attempt to put my neuropathic pain into some sort of context. I’ve always accepted that tricks of the mind can seem as real as reality itself.

Here are my thoughts if you wish to read them:

Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Steve,

Can you really ignore the “false” messages your brain is receiving?

When the nerve signals get mangled and are no longer accurate or relevant they are still messages telling your brain “pain”.

In spite of non-stop neuropathic pain in both hands I still react to a hot radiator of cooker hob by swiftly moving my hand out of harms way. I’m not sure if I wanted to ignore warning signals.

On the other (pun alert!) hand the background “hiss” of neuropathic pain is different to the sudden shock of very hot or ice cold. Perhaps you can separate the two. Can you?