Had a search but couldn’t find anything to answer query. Had an interesting appointment with my MS nurse today. I recently had a follow up with my neuro as my mobility had started to go downhill before the year ended. That appointment was not a pleasant one and he just dismissed it and told me I needed physio. I have since requested a change in doc as I never think he really cares.

but what what he has said to my nurse is that he thinks I have a functional disorder? He does confirm I have ms and they are in no doubt of that but he is suggesting my leg issues are in my head! Would this also explain my continence issues and bedroom problems?

I am am not a depressed person despite my MS and I just get on with it but wanted a reason for me getting worse with no obv relapses.

is it possible to have both issues at same time

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If it is then I have both as well I can’t get my right leg to do what it’s told or bowels ,so we can start a club and see how many join. Katy

Nice :slight_smile:

Well, I think (not a health professional) that logically MS symptoms are Functional Neurological Disorders, though medics seem to keep the FND label for those with no explanation at all. So I wonder why your neuro wants to muddy the waters by mentioning FND at all. MS is the simplest (and credible, I guess) explanation for your mobility problems. Lesions on MRI scans don’t correlate well with symptoms anyway. So I think the only thing that can be done is physiotherapy.

My MS team doesn’t really seem to recognise my left side partial paralysis, though the physios at a balance class noticed it.