Hi all will first start for apologizing if I shouldn’t post here but really am at a loss

brief outline of my story been under neuros for about 20mths first brain scan showed 12 small lesions and first Neuro said he thought ms as all my symptoms fitted had LP came back negative Neuro discharged me back to Gp who felt I should have 2nd opinion saw new Neuro in dec took bloods and did norm exam he thought maybe ms but this was before seeing my scans

went back yesterday for follow up from dec he disregarded my mris as there’s no change in them and said spots are only small and thinks I have FND

after reading more in to this disorder all night I no he is wrong but what can I do I feel so angry and lost

just wondered if anyone here had been in a. Similar position as this site was a great help to me when my illness first started


Hi Cody

Did you see neurologists who specialise in MS? If not, then that’s what I would be asking for next.

Good luck

No I don’t think he spealizes in ms although think he has ms patients as was so keen to show me other people’s scans to confirm the difference with mine … As I’m already on Neuro number 2 in so scared now that if I was to ask to see anyone else it would just make me look more like I’m looking for something that isn’t there and this add weight to this FND diagonosis :frowning:

i wish I could erase yesterday as I’ve never felt so lost as I do now

thanks for your reply


You need peace of mind and the best way to get this would be to see an MS neurologist. I’m sure your GP will understand. GP’s are a lot more willing to do private referrals. Though you can request an NHS second opinion but the appointment may take quite a few months.

My MS neurologist doesn’t do private consultations just NHS. But I’m sure there are MS neurologists that do both private and NHS. A private consultation can be between £150 - 200 may be a bit more depending on location for example. The waiting lists for private are usually not very long.

A few people have said some London consultants do private and NHS appointments.

It’s understandable that you feel down about things at the moment but carry on pushing until you are satisfied in yourself.

I looked up my neuro, who specialises in MS on line and read some reviews, then asked my GP to refer me.

Just keep moving forward.


Thanks again for your positive replys I’m sorry if I sound as though I’m just moaning I am really normally quite positive until this lol xx

may spk to my Gp as going private with an ms specialist it’s just the way he spoke about my Mri results yesterday I feel as thow I’m wasting people’s time and making myself look as if I want a ms diagonosis which for obvious is reasons no one would choose to have. Xx

You are not moaning but worried which is understandable.

All you are wanting is peace of mind, we get that. Stop thinking you are wasting people’s time,. You know your own body and if you think something is wrong, then push for answers.

Stay strong