Amantadine was giving me some weird dreams so nuero recommended Fluoxetine to assist with Fatigue, (20mg per day). Worth a try even though the trade name is Prozac!

I took fluoxetine for several years and it certainly didn’t help with fatigue!


I’ll give it another few weeks as it is not aiding the fatigue, but has took my appetite.

Hi Craig,

I have never known Fluoxetine to be prescribed for Fatigue (obviously that doesn’t mean that it’s not) but from what I know and based on my own experience it’s prescribed for Depression but I can’t really comment about it more as I declined to take it.

Twinkle Toes x

Yeah I initially declined it but after the Amantadine for almost a year I changed. More than likely will change back. My psychiatric Nurse wife said I am not suffering from depression (before I went on it)

@Twinkle Toes