Amantidine hydrochloride


My consultant recommended that I start taking Amantadine. I now have some but the box says ‘For protection from flu’. This is an alarming proposition when I am taking it to combat fatigue.Is this OK?

He suggested one at 8 in the morning and again at 2.

I need to be told that the is the correct drug and that it will probably stop me feeling fatigued during the day.




Hi Patrick

Yes, it does sound a bit strange doesn’t it!

I waited weeks before starting mine because I was so apprehensive about it

I started on one a day but it didn’t make much difference so my neuro up it to 2 a day (first thing then another at mid day) and it works well. I was told by my MS nurse that it only helps with mental fatigue, which I have found to be the case. I was suffering from depression and was really struggling and that, of course,had an affect on me physically but when the Amantidine started working things got a lot better. As the mental fatigue eased and I was able to do more and felt less bleak about having SPMS.

​I would say give it a try and see how you get on with it, you’ve got nothing to lose and maybe a lot to gain.

And if it protects us from flu that’s an added bonus

I was prescribed this, and yes it is correct. It is an antiviral and used to combat fatigue in MS.

i did have problems finding a chemist who stocked it though.

My neuro advised not taking it after 4pm or I wouldn’t sleep. Being something of an insomniac, even an 8am dose kept my awake half the night, so I gave it up.

Anything is worth a try though, don’t you think?

Hope it helps.


I have tried it too, twice but without much success, however no one mentioned anything to me about it working for mental fatigue and I was expecting to feel a benefit from the other type what shall we call it Exhaustion fatigue.

Hi again

im now thinking I should try in again because in the mornings I don’t do anything like reading or calculating as it makes me feel more strange than usual, and it’s really hard work. Lucky I no longer work!

I really hope it works for you. X


Thanks to all of you, you have put my mind at rest. I get both mental fatigue and physical fatigue so it will work one way or the other, I hope.

I will write a blog post on my web site in a couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that.


The reason it mentions flu is that originally it was prescribed as an antiviral drug. But it was noticed that the elderly people taking it to prevent flu had a side effect of being more alert and less fatigued than usual. It therefore became used specifically for fatigue. So while it is still licensed as an antiviral drug, it’s more usually prescribed for fatigue.

Personally I found it worked ok for a couple of years but ultimately stopped working. Best of luck with it.


Well, I like to be different. I have tried it and it acts like a sleeping pill for me. Plus it intensifies by neuropathic symptoms. I always was odd :slight_smile:

Day 3 not what I was expecting generally feeling tired so tired I actually had a sleep, in afternoon,my eyes are heavy and I have a jet lag feeling all day. I guess it doesn’t work on me the same as some others. I’ve got no get up and go either so I think I’ll have to stop taking it.

I hope you have better luck Patrick.

Smokey x