Fish Oil (Study results)

Source: MSRC

Omega-3 fatty acids study, possible implications for MS

The effects of omega-3 Fatty acids on matrix metalloproteinase-9 production and cell migration in human immune cells: implications for MS

In multiple sclerosis (MS), compromised blood-brain barrier (BBB) integrity contributes to inflammatory T cell migration into the central nervous system.

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ok but whats that in laymans terms was it good implications for ms using the oils or not good sorry x caz

“5. Conclusions
The presented combined results from the in vitro study and the open-label study in MS suggest that DHA and EPA omega-3 FA may have a role in inhibiting the migration of activated immune cells into the central nervous system and that further investigation of omega-3 FA in MS is warranted.”

ok thankyou sorry but my head is all over the place today.
ill have to start taking omega 3 again.

Wow thanks Verona, Ive just started on them plus Omega 6 too - Evening Primrose & Starflower Oil with brilliant results. I no longer suffer stomach acid problems (so binned the Omeprazole), assume my leaky gut is healing and my skin is much better.

Thank you for sharing. Now I need to know more about what happens to our vit.d levels when the sun dont shine - do we have a malabsorption syndrome? Any brainboxes out there. Im taking a supplement and being monitored - just been diagnosed with osteoporosis.

I reckon I should ask gp to sign me a prescription to send me abroad permanently for the sunshine effect purely :lol: