First tysabri

No problems from the infusion. The infusion center is a converted home with leather reclining chairs and a big TV on the wall. The nurse didn’t wear a smock or greens, just normal clothes. Maybe that’s why I didn’t have white coat syndrome; My pulse was 50 and BP was 100 over 62. She couldn’t get a catheter into my right antecubital vein and blamed it on scar tissue; I’ve donated blood 3 or 4 times a year to the Red Cross for over 30 years. But she found a vein near my wrist. She said patients tell her the tysabri treatment is like a fog lifting from their minds. Personally, no sense of a fog lifting. Also no side effects like a rash or headache. So basically no problems from the infusion. The infusion started at 10 AM and I was back home by noon. Now, at 3PM still no reactions noted as I sit at work waiting for afternoon appointments to begin. kaypeeoh

Hiya kp

glad it was uneventful!

i don’t get fog lifting either-nothing at all in fact. I too have below textbook bp-I did offer to try and get angry to raise it lol!


She was concerned til I mentioned I’ve been a distance runner for over 40 years.

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How charming for them. :slight_smile: The fog-lifting business hasn’t happened to me in (I think) 6 years but it’s doing its job anyway, so never mind. I hope it does the same for you.



ah! I was junior ladies champion in 1980!

ok-not Olympic standard but I do believe my general fitness for 30+ yrs helps me cope with this crap today!