First tysabri experience

I’ve had my first Tysabri infusion today, after the initial nerves, it went really well.

I have a slight headache and i’m so tired.

I have a blog about HSCT but I’ll be regularly posting about my MS experiences if anyone is interested in having a read, please do :slight_smile:

Hi Had a little read, hope all goes well.

I am JCV+ and assumed I would not be able to have Tysabri, as from reading some people on Tysabri and are JCV+ are changing DMT. May be going on Tysabri short term is ok if JCV+.

Hi, if you are positive you can still have Tysabri. I’m only planning on being on it 18 months at the most, I did meet a guy at the infusion centre who is JC + and been taking Tysabri for 8 years! He didn’t say what his risk was but he had no intention of stopping!

It is supposed to be very good :slight_smile: time will tell.

It was Ty or Lemtrada were my options, or nothing. I’m trying the Ty for now :slight_smile:

Hi thanks, the Barts blog has details about Tysabri.

Hopefully I can see my neuro in next few weeks as need to change DMT.

I have had 7 infusions so far.

I was JC positive from the start. I always feel tired for a day or two after my infusion.

Tysabri has kept me stable so I am happy at the moment on it.

I have a MRI scan every 3 months. So I am well looked after.

Hope it works well for you.