First cold since starting Gilenya


I started Gilenya in April and since then I have had no relapses and felt absolutely fine (apart from my constant symptoms which I appear to be stuck with). I am delighted with Gilenya so far. The only nagging worry was the risk of infections since Gilenya suppresses your immune system. About a week ago I started getting a cold for the first time since starting it. I was really worried that my immune system wouldn’t be able to fight it off and I’d end up with a chest infection or something. I’m pleased to say that it didn’t come to much. I felt rotten for a few days and then started to feel better. I’m now fully over it and I’m massively relieved that I’m not going to be ill every time I get a sniffle.



That’s great news, I’m really pleased for you. I think your nurse jinxed you by mentioning the increased risk of infections anyway :wink: